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As an American Catholic, I found this article in the New York Times interesting and worth the read. I tend to agree with what many people in the article said. I too find the Church a little too backward on many issues, to controlling and over stepping and/or abusing their authority on personal matters of the individual. For me, the Church is an institution to help me with my faith, not a place to tell me what to do or what I can't do.

I know I said that I wouldn't get caught up in the upcoming British elections, but this read from the Guardian was too hard to pass up.

And as a side note, it looks like Becks finally had a good game in Madrid, his first in what seems like ages. Owen even decided to score. A big win for Real over Barca, even though Barca will probably win this thing in Spain, at least Real will try and make this interesting. Of course, Real could still win this, just as Man U (with help from Beckham, man does that seem long ago) caught the Gunners in 2003. (And yes, I'm sorry I can't do that little 's' under the 'c' on Barca. I know it would make this page look at lot cooler, but oh well, there are bigger fish to fry).

I would post something about the White House saying they're going to bring the troops home in two years, but I'm call B.S. on that one.

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