Sox Win, Tied for Best in the AL and Central

Okay, you're Jon Garland. You're a young kid. You've got some great stuff. Tonight that stuff is working. Tonight is the night you get over the hump. You're looking great. You're pitching well. You've faced 15, you've retired 15. You've faced 18, you've retired 18. You've faced 19, you retire 19. And then you lose it. You lose all of it. What is going trough your mind?

Classic Garland, maybe tonight was the night he gets over it, whatever it is. This is a guy was some nasty stuff, and he can't get it done. He can't finish anything. He's money for five, struggles a bit in the 6th, finally loses it in the
7th. My theory is that it's impossible for him to have a great start.

When Hawk and DJ say hi to Frank, does Frank say hi back?

Uribe won this game today. Yay Juan.

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