Random Thoghts Heading into the Weekend

The White Sox are 16-6… it’s also April 29. I have no clue what to expect, but they’ve made it clear that they’re going to be in this race this year. With all these games against the Tigers and Royals, they won’t go away. The Twins are going to be around too. The Sox have the highest RPI in the majors at .562. They've played the 11th hardest schedule in the majors so far, 4th hardest in the majors. The teams they've played so far have a winning percentage of .507; meanwhile the team chasing them, the Twins, have played a schedule of teams with a .495 winning percentage good for 17th toughest (including five games against the best team in the majors, the Sox). At 16-6, if they play .550 baseball from here on out, they'll finish with 93 wins, which will put them in the division and wild card race. Playing .575 baseball gives them 96 wins, if they play at a .600 clip, they'll have 100 wins and be in the playoffs. And if they play at their 22 game projected winning percentage of .640, they'll finish with 106 wins.

Of course this team can tank and expecting them to play at anything above a .575 clip is a little foolish, but so far this team has managed to win games despite having Ozzie "let's leave these guys from the pen until the load the bases and have Timo bat 5th" as their manager.

And you know it's Mother's Day when... Outback starts playing those really dumb commercials on the radio, you know the one's where they're singing, 'no one loves you like your mum' in their best Australian accent.

I think a story or play on Simone de Beauvoir and Nelson Algren would make an UNBELIEVABLE story/play. It would take place between Chicago and Paris, each showing the other their city, and you could have Sartre as an important character, but not one of the main... it would be fantastic if only because you'd have Algren and Sartre in a play.

I tried the Cheeseburger Pizza last night… I know I know… but I wanted a cheeseburger and pizza and Domino’s gave me a chance to have both. It wasn’t bad.

Since the President went on and on about how he’s willing to do almost anything to get some sort of Social Security reform done, he pushed back Survivor to 8pm. That put it head to head against the Apprentice. The Apprentice won out over Survivor, though I flipped back between the two often. Alex was finally fired last night, he just wasn’t doing anything to help his team, doing just enough not to get fired. Tana for some reason decided to make it interesting in the boardroom, but in the end, Trump realized that Alex had to go. This is Kendra’s to lose at this point. As for Survivor, Caryn solidified herself as one of the worst players in the history of the game… what she was thinking I’m not sure. She’s only there because her team hadn’t lost. She doesn’t bring anything to the team/camp… she’s going to be beaten by Tom and she’s got a chance to vote off Tom. Yet for some reason she decided to help Tom out by telling him what was going on and they voted Stephenie off… amazing. There is basically no reason to watch the rest of the season after that disaster. Stephenie was the only one I liked and now it’s basically a clear path to the finish for Tom and Ian. But I think Gregg wins this just because he might ‘have it’ in the end. Tom has made a pact with just about everyone and that’s going to catch up with him. I’m not sure what Caryn was thinking since she’s now the next person in line to be voted off. I can’t get over how stupid a move that was. Whatever.

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