Pope Benedict XVI

I'm not thrilled by his election. I'll take the wait and see mind set, but it seems to be that the fix was in from the get go. It was just a matter of time before those not voting for Ratzinger did so. I'm not sure they could have made a worst choice. But the Sox are in first place, so I should look at this glass half full right? So why Ratzinger (aka Benedict XVI) and what to expect? I already said that Ratzinger and JPII had probably set up a bloc of cardinals who were going to vote for him and then hold out until others realized that this was going to be the way it was. That's my total guess. But what to expect?

There was a lot of information out there saying that as great as JPII was as an ambassador and figure for the Church, he wasn't the best administrator. Things inside the Vatican weren't in great shape, and Benedict XVI is probably going to come in and clean things up and sort things out inside the Vatican. I'm not against that.

Now reading as for Benedict XV; he was pope during WWI, 'fought' for peace but was unable to achieve it (I know and orginzed religion is the root to all wars eh?). He spend much of his life and time in the Vatican prior to becoming pope, much like Benedict XVI. He had previously fallen in bad favor with Pius X (who was a consecrative to say the least), but by no means was he a liberal. Judging by the name, Benedict XVI is going to fight for peace in the war on terror, but that's a total guess. Benedict XV published the Code of Canon Law and pushed for non-European priests in the Third World. Expect Benedict XV to do much the same, push for continued growth in the Third World and enforcing Canon Law.

We'll have to wait and see, hopefully Benedict XVI realizes that his positions on my Church stances aren't in favor with many Catholics and he'll back off of them. He'll reorganize everything inside the Vatican, which needs to be done. Push for growth of the Church in the
Third World, and promote peace. I doubt he'll be the ambassador that JPII was, and he'll have a struggle from the get go in Europe, the US, and Canada; but he could be a pope that sets the table for the 21st century. JPII bridged the papacy to the end of the 20th, but the last years of his papacy were taking place in the 21st century with a 20th century mind set. Time seemed to have passed him by, his views on many things seemed dated. Benedict XVI may be a 20th century figure, but he probably realizes that if the Curch is to continue to flourish in the 21st century, the remaining aspects of the 20th century in the Vatican must be changed.

And yes, in his younger years, he was a member of the Hitler Youth and fought in WWII. Doesn't seem either were by choice, and his father did not like Hitler. The Guardian's view on him.

God Bless him and us all.

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