Paul Shirley's Road Ramblings

This is an absolutely wonderfully written journal of life on the road as the twelfth man on an NBA team by Paul Shirely. Not only is it very interesting, it is also, as I said, well written and funny. A must read if you're a fan of the NBA or sports in general. I suggest starting with at the bottom of the page and reading the entries in chronological order from the beginning. Enjoy.

Other than that, thoughts on the weekend...
The White Sox (my true love) are now 4-2 to start the year, taking two of three from the Twins in Minnesota. I'm being very cautiously optimistic at this point. But it's hard not to feel a bit of excitement. Between spring starting here on the South Side and the White Sox winning ways, I can dream a bit.

It was nice to see Tiger win today at the Masters. But I really didn't care that much, sure I watched, but golf will always lack the drama of other sports since it's so... so... golf.

Nothing in the news has caught my eye, it's been a crazy two weeks, so the low key weekend was some what of a welcoming sign. And I don't want to bore myself by following the British elections yet. I'll wait two more weeks, but my gut feeling is that Blair and Labour may be in some trouble.

"Where is my Mind?" The Pixies... Where is my mind? I always thought that "In God's Country" by U2 was the best credits song at the end of a movie I'd ever heard when it closed out "Three Kings". But upon further review, my greater appreciation of:
1) The Pixies
2) Growing older and having to face your past more often...
Well the Pixies classic coming in as they role to credits in "Fight Club" has now moved into first place.

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lg said...

David Bowie's "Cat People (Putting out fire)" over the closing credits of "Cat People."