My Pop Culture and more on Benedict XVI

Note, if anyone reads this, I totally messed up the links this morning, they should be fixed now, sorry about the mistakes.

I thought I’d do a few quick reviews of what’s on TV, what I’ve read, and whatever else comes to my mind…

I finished Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity for the second time (I last read it about five years ago) and it was much better than I remember it. It helped that I was older, have been in more serious relationships, and knew where most of the places in London (at least the neighborhoods) were located. I was a bit disappointed in it’s lack of intellectual curiosity but all in all, not bad at all, a good quick read that’s thoroughly enjoyable. Basically it’s life as the modern single male (well in the mid 90s)… but it’s also amazing how technology has changed in ten years. If someone were to write the same novel (a man breaks up with his long time girlfriend and then examines past relationships to fully understand how he got to the point he was at in life and who he is and what he wants out of life, and how his passions (pop music) work within his life and relationships…) it would be a very different novel. E-mail and cell phones have completely changed relationships and breakups. Interesting idea no doubt to do a new High Fidelity. But good book and worth the read if you’ve got the time.

Tried to watch Batman last night… wasn’t happening. Not good times. Not good acting. Ouch. I lasted forty-five minutes and the movie wasn’t going anywhere fast. I bailed.

The Karate Kid is a classic and has aged wonderfully over time. Well worth the watch.

As for TV… 24 is so outrageous at this point I’m not sure why I’m still watching it. Jack Bauer may be the most ridiculous character in a long time. There isn’t anything this guy can’t do and hasn’t thought of… as the roomie and I joke in our best South Side accent, ‘Bauer vs terrorists? Bauer. Bauer vs US Constitution? Bauer. Hey, here’s one for you, Bauer vs Ditka.’ I don’t have the answer for that one yet.

Lost… where is this going? Is there any chance that this show will be good the second season? If nothing else, it was a fantastic first season even though at this point the show is like a starting pitcher who’s thrown 120 pitches and is just too tired to finish the game. I’m not sure what they can do in the second season, but at least we’ll have the first season.

Yes, I watch Survivor. No I don’t like this season that much. I don’t hate anyone, and the person I like Stephenie, I don’t like as much. But then we were given The Apprentice, and Trump is just awesome in this. I mean, unbelievable. I’m not sure if he knows he’s being funny or if he’s being serious, but no matter, he makes this show fantastic. Big ups to Trump for being the Donald. He’s the best. Great show too btw, if I were to pick a winner I’m going with Tana, but Bren and Kendra are right there. So who really knows on a show like this.

And now the ‘fallout’ of Benedict XVI election (I don’t like the word fallout, but can you think of a better one?) Today he did say that he was going to continue the dialogue with other religions, unite Christianity, and fulfill the reforms at Vatican II (a reversal on Humanae Vitae?) Time will tell what will happen, but that doesn’t sound as bad as saying that homosexuality is a disease and that Turkey shouldn’t join the EU because they are an Islamic nation. Finally, here are a bunch of editorials from the election of Pope Benedict XVI:

LA Times

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