Former Soviet Republics and the White House

I never believed the freedom and liberty rhetoric coming from the Bush White House, but still... they were saying it, so you'd think they'd jump at any opportunity to say 'hey, we did this, we sped this up!' any time democracy or dictators were over thrown. But the recent events in the former Soviet Republics and the lack of enthusiasm coming from the White House have confused me. Here you have movements towards the liberty and democracy that the Bush White House loves to talk about, and you’d be hard pressed to find comments from the White House in the papers.

First there was Georgia in late 2003. Nothing about how the US actions in the Middle East and across the globe and ‘our ideas’ of freedom inspired the people of Georgia.

Then, a few months ago, we saw the democratic movement in the Ukraine. Again nothing from the White House on how US ideas of freedom or the White House's backing of liberty inspired the people of the Ukraine to take action.

And now in Kirgizstan… okay so they'll probably replace a dictator with a dictator, but still they got rid of a dictator. You'd think the Bush administration would be hitting up all the news out lets and the Neo-Cons going nuts over these three events, which they could all claim is from Iraq and events and polices of the White House. Even if it isn't true (and I don't think it is either), it seems natural to take credit for it.

But nothing. Or almost nothing coming from the White House. Bush is going to stop in Georgia next month when he celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Allies victory over the Fascists. But that’s it, no constant reminders of how great this administrations love of ‘freedom’ and how it has inspired other peoples.

Really makes me wonder... what was the point of the Iraq War?
Was it intended for only one part of the world? Or are we still scared of the Russians? Or is it something else?

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