CTA to stink like Bush, NJ Giants?

Looking at the world again today…

Reason #5,395,482 that George W. Bush is a disaster…the CTA is set to go to a Sunday schedule in a few months if Springfield doesn’t bail them out. Yep, that’s going to suck royally, and I especially feel for the tourists who take the Red Line to and from Wrigley. I’m not sure if I could think of things much worse than this for the city and the people in Chicago.

But why is this Bush’s fault? That’s easy, Bush cut taxes to the point where the federal government has a huge deficit. To of set some of this deficit, the White House has shifted a lot of finical pressure on the states. States have been experiencing huge budget problems for well over two years now (State governors hate Bush, doesn’t matter what party), and the federal government has just shrugged and said, sorry but can you take more of our burden because we want to cut taxes again. So states are slashing public programs: health care, Medicaid, education, mental health centers, the up keep of parks and public areas, child services, and so on and so fourth. But at least you have more control over your money.

Does this mean they’ll FINALLY call them the New Jersey Giants? Only New York could put a team in ANOTHER STATE let alone city, and no one would or could question it. If the Bears played in Gary, Indiana or the Eagles played in Wilmington, Delaware do you think New Yorkers would ever let anyone hear the end of it? Same goes for the Redskins and playing in Maryland, but whatever. New Jersey Giants it is.

Liverpool tied Juventus in Turin yesterday, thus moving on to play Chelsea in the semis of the Champions League. That means an English team will be in the final in late May to play either Milan or PSV Eindhoven. It’s exciting, and hopefully Liverpool can beat Chelsea, the real New York Yankees of Europe.

Tony Blair decided that 2005 would be a good year for governments to start helping out Africa (I guess Live Aid only did so much). Now it seems like Germany is going to jump on board with this idea and that means the rest of Europe too. Japan, desperately wanting to be on the UN security counsel, has also pledged a bunch of money. Of course the ‘moral and Christian’ USA is doing next to nothing. But hey, when you spend more money on ‘defense’ (aka weapons and bombs to blow people up, only if needed of course) than the rest of the world combined, giving money to Africa can only be seen as a threat to national security. Should you or I tell President Bush and the neo-cons that the best way to keep the terrorists in check is by giving them economic opportunity and equality? Then again, who doesn’t love the idea of mass conversion to democracy? Hey, if the Spanish didn’t threatened to kill all those Mexicans, Peruvians, and other members of the Americas in the 16th century, they wouldn’t be Catholic.

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